Hanes Mens Cushioned Ankle Socks, X-Temp, 12-Pair Pack

Style # AC2612


STAY COOL, STAY COMFY SOCKS. Designed with your active lifestyle in mind, Hanes men’s cushion ankle socks are ready to play when you are. Wicking Cool Comfort™ fabric and mesh ventilation panels team up with X-Temp™ technology to help keep feet cool, dry, and comfortable. Knit-in arch support provides a better fit while the half-cushioned foot bottom offers high-impact comfort in men’s ankle socks that are designed to hit just above the ankle. You can count on sturdy details like a reinforced heel and toe while our FreshIQ™ odor technology battles the bacteria that make for stinky feet! CUSHIONED COMFORT – Half-cushioned foot bottom offers comfort and high-impact protection. SUPPORT WHERE IT’S NEEDED – Knit-in arch support hugs your foot for a snug fit. SMART SOCKS- Our X-Temp technology adapts to your temperature for all day comfort. ODOR CONTROL- FreshIQ odor control targets the odor-causing bacteria so you stay fresher. MOISTURE WICKING SOCKS – Cool Comfort fabric lifts moisture from the skin, speeding the drying process. MESH PANELS – Targeted mesh panels provide cooling ventilation. ANKLE LENGTH – Men’s crew socks hit just above the ankle. MACHINE WASHABLE – Machine wash cold with like colors. Do not use fabric softener. Chlorine bleach only. Tumble dry medium. Do not iron.

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  • Hanes Mens Cushioned Ankle Socks, X-Temp, 12-Pair PackWhite
  • Hanes Mens Cushioned Ankle Socks, X-Temp, 12-Pair PackBlack
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